RX53, RX52



Following the working lives of the crew of Hastings fishing boats RX53 'Evie Rose' and RX52 'Elsie Rose' during the course of a year.  Owner Ro', Skipper Dan, Wayne and colleagues work from Hastings 'Stade' beach- the oldest beach launched fleet in Europe, dating back over a thousand years, the fishermen work from the beach in relatively small boats as they need to be winched ashore, working daily often in harsh conditions in an increasingly difficult economic time, facing tough EU quotas and diminishing market prices. I started the project when Ro' had one boat- RX53, he has since purchased 2 more, one RX52 for Wayne to fish alone and smaller boat for line fishing- a lucrative way to catch premium Sea Bass which demands a high price and is often shipped worldwide to top class restaurants. I am full of admiration for their dedication and hard work.

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