The construction of

The Millennium Bridge


A long term project to photograph the entire construction process of Londons first river crossing for over 100 years, Commissioned by The Millennium Bridge Trust in 1998 prior to any works beginning.

Widely published on completion, including a 40 page photo essay in the 'Blade of Light' book written by Deyan Sudjic and published by Penguin.

Exhibited at Oxo Gallery and Browns Gallery, London

Magazine features - Domus, Blueprint, The Financial Times 'The Business' and Building.

Malcolm Reading, Project Director of The Millennium Bridge
I first met Julian when we commissioned him to record the construction of the Millennium Bridge, Julian turned this into an extraordinary testimony to the people who designed, built and simply watched the bridge going up. For us it was a perfect match to the social and regenerative objectives of the project.

Julian executed the project superbly, far exceeding the confines of the brief we set him.

His relaxed, rather laid-back style masks a pin-sharp, probing approach to his subjects. He also has a great grasp of how two or three years of images will work together as a visual essay at the end of a project. His work is full of human scale. In contrast to many photographers who work in this field, Julian seems fascinated by those who are involved in making new architecture. Most of his photographs have people doing things to buildings - it is the process that seems to inspire him as well as the object, and the recording of projects over time where he excels. He has the stamina to turn up at seemingly tranquil moments on site and find a defining image of critical importance to the sequence of construction.

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